Hi there, my name is Shane and this is my first official blog post on BeachBumLivin. I just want to take this time to thank YOU for stopping by and for checking out the new website. This is my first website so I expect there to be a learning curve to all this. So please bare with me if there is something that isn't working right on here.

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The whole reason I created this site was to have a central location for people to visit and get info on any BeachBumLivin project. Everything was starting to feel really spread out to me with Youtube, Facebook, Hometalk, Pinterest, and so on with all the different pages. I felt like I was having to post pictures over and over and the same for answers to questions. There are some people who only see my stuff on say, Facebook or Pinterest, and don't even have a Youtube account. So I was noticing that much of the info on Youtube wasn't even getting seen by the folks that only go to those other sites. Most people are maybe visiting one of these sites during the day and I want there to be a place that has all the BeachBumLivin info you could ever need all in one spot. I'm basically trying to make things a hell of a lot easier for you and me. I envision BeachBumLivin as a website having pictures, videos, discussions, questions, answers, shopping, ideas, and inspiration. What you'll not find here, unless someone else is writing, is proper grammar or correct sentence structure all the time. I suck at that kind of stuff! So please don't be a grammar nazi on here, haha!!

Please enjoy looking around the site and I look forward to talking with you soon!





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